Mike Xiao

Code For Life.

The First of All

Actually the site was already finished for over a month, all the way back to November. However there's nothing on the website till today since I was struggling with my "special" semester in Hong Kong as an exchange student in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Tuesday was the last final exam I had in this semester, then finally, I can sit in front of my computer and write something.

The experience at school is not great as I expected. Before I came to UST, I heard the school is the "#1" in the Asia three years in a row, according to the rankings from some newspaper, which sounds pretty great to me. However the real is not that sweet: awful instructors and TAs, low quality of the students, and bad course organizations. Everything looks like lacking of arrangement.

For the story of my time in HKUST I will talk about it in the future, since I have finished this semester and will leaving for home tomorrow, it's time to say goodbye to here.

Why Blogging

This is the question everybody will ask, good.

The basic thoughts for having a blogging site is to have a place to "really do some stuff", like recording some moments in life, listing what's new and what I have learned, and most importantly, having a place where I can talk to myself.

What will be here

There will be some talks related to object-oriented designing (OOD), algorithms, front-end works and game development. Maybe I will also have some portfolios to show here, and some complete games or other projects.

About My Recent Work

Lil' Bobby: This is my first game developing experience, in late January this year I joined Spartasoft, the game development club at MSU, working as a GUI programmer in this game with couple of great teammates and working together. The game is an puzzle/arcade game which the player have to control the "Lil' Bobby" to reach the destination by throwing paintball to change boxes' moving directions. It is built from scratch in Unity 4.6, scripted by C# and JavaScript.

ResPOSTa!: This is a question room website for students can interact with instructors and other students in the course they enrolled in, in ResPOSTa! students can ask questions and will get the answers by other students or the course instructor. Available on Android and Web. The development process is not “smoothly” as we expected. The team sometimes encountered communication problems when try to launch a new feature, and also suffered data loss due to the bad stability of the server on Amazon EC2. Fortunately the project is finished on time and successfully launched on Web and Android.

The project source is available on Team's GitHub Page, for anyone who wants to contribute.

Crazy Tanks: An extended version of Unity 5 TANKS! Project, Added multiple new features and improved controllers. The game requires two players on a same keyboard, control their tank to fight against the other one. Right now the game is still in pre-alpha development. I plan to add a online multiplayer mode in the future versions, which needs a lot of data synchronization between the server and local player. Unity's uNet has pretty good APIs for the multiplayer support, shouldn't be a huge problem.

That's all for today, the blog will keep updating and there will always have something new at here.

It's already 3AM in the morning, have to go to sleep :D